Remote monitoring for snowmaking systems to support the mountain railway operators

Information advantage for optimal operational management

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Solutions for snow reservoirs and dams, level and seepage water monitoring, stand samples

rivers and streams

Solutions for water withdrawals, discharge measurements, and residual water discharges

pumping stations

Solutions for monitoring pressure boosting, pumping stations, withdrawal quantities and pressures

pipe network

Solutions for leak tests, flow measurements and status messages

Efficiently customised devices and services

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As an operator of a mountain railroad or snowmaking system, you have a wide range of requirements for remote monitoring and data collection solutions.

On the one hand, storage monitoring systems must be extremely reliable. On the other hand, you need data from stations distributed across the terrain. The control technology of the snowmaking system provides additional information…

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Our sensors, devices and software solutions will inspire you! From energy self-sufficient systems to highly available control systems, we also provide a service that will inspire you.


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Permanently installed variant

  • Components for long-term use
  • One-off investment in the system
  • Ongoing fees for station operation
  • Optional maintenance packages


Temporary measurement service

  • For short measurements and preservation of evidence
  • Monthly rental/operating fee
  • Online access to all measurement data
  • Alarm option included

Product sets for mountain railway operators

Sets that simplify applications!

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It all starts with your requirements for the new system to be installed or retrofitted. Our technicians work with you to get an idea of the task to be solved.

If necessary, we draw up a specification sheet and an implementation plan during this phase.

Based on the requirements, the stations to be implemented are planned in functional and electrical terms.

We also incorporate our water management expertise in this step. This enables us to achieve high functional quality – right from the start!

We manufacture in-house! Every device and control cabinet is built to the highest quality standards and is 100% tested before leaving the factory.

We set up your online control platform according to your wishes. This ranges from simple evaluations to extensive visualisations.

In this step, we also realise any programming required for local or cross-station control tasks.

We are as flexible as you wish, when it comes to installation. We are happy to work with your local electrical engineer on site. If required, we can of course also take care of the entire installation.

The final commissioning is always carried out by one of our highly qualified technicians. This ensures reliable operation and creates trust!

This is where our customer relationship really begins!

Because our services make the operation of your station or measuring point as convenient as possible.

  • managed.service – for ongoing data, server and alarm services at a fixed rate, worldwide
  • care – maintenance packages for ongoing maintenance
  • sos.hotline – here you can always reach us around the clock in the event of critical faults

The trained eyes of our technicians will help you to identify faults, analyse developing faults and optimise your system based on trends, signal sequences, water sample results, etc.!

In this way, we not only provide you with measurement technology or a remote monitoring system, but also a partner!

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Are you looking for a partner who can also provide you with consulting and planning services for your system? The experts at our engineering office for water management will support you with official procedures, fundings and much more!